Through this North Tulsa portal, Dr. Coleman offers a Math Assessment Test Initiative for those who wish to determine their level of math proficiency.

Stem Fundamentals

Basic Math Skills   plane

Basic Math Skills

This course will cover the fundamental concepts needed to help all types of
learners with basic math.


Introductory Physics I 

General physics concepts of units, vectors, equations of motion and Newton's Laws.



Dr. Trina L. ColemanA passion for the state of the US educational system, and the looming problem of fundamental mathematical mastery for a large percentage of K-12 and post-secondary students, is what drives Dr. Trina Coleman.  She is equally passionate regarding the recently trending interest in exposing the subset of students of color, particularly girls, to more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities.

Students of color that eventually go on to pursue degrees in STEM fields are often met with skepticism, and little support or acceptance on the college campuses where they are in the minority. The rigor of the curriculum combined with the psychological issues that accompany marginalization, may likely cause poor academic performance. Subsequently, the narrative that African-Americans, and other people of color, are less capable of competing academically in STEM areas is perpetuated. One of the by-products of running the “Black is mediocre” gauntlet is the large numbers of competent, curious, credentialed Black degree holders to pursue employment outside of their respective STEM fields. 

While corporate America makes modest donations to fund hackathons, summer camps and maker spaces, the proverbial dipping of one’s toe in the pool of STEM does not a swimmer make. These minimal gestures will create photo ops, but not necessarily engineers and scientists. The achievements come along as a result of, first and foremost, sheer ability that would not be possible to completely quantify without a demonstrated firm grasp on complex mathematical concepts.

Dr. Coleman is dedicated to increasing math literacy.  Devoting time and resources to improving math skills will ultimately equip more students to become the new technological and scientific workforce that is currently in short supply of qualified employees.

The acronym STEM is being used as an all-encompassing term to describe subjects and activities that involve almost anything pertaining to technology or coding.  Technology is the by-product of science, engineering and math.  It is Dr. Coleman’s goal to clarify what STEM is and to help find some real solutions to close the race/gender gap.

Dr. Coleman holds a Ph.D in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from Hampton University. She is also the founder of Coleman Comprehensive Solutions, and the creator of the Academic Blue Blood STEM Skills online platform.