Doc Soul

Legendary Sam Griffin, (aka Dr Soul) was the disciple of two black pioneer legends, the late Frank Berry and Abram Ross of Oklahoma City.

Doc SoulIn those days, Tulsa was without a  presence of radio that addressed the black community for a number of years, but in 1969, radio station KTOW in Sand Springs, Oklahoma a suburb of Tulsa launched began programming a nine-hour rhythm and blues block format from three in the afternoon to 5 AM. Dr. Soul was chosen to direct the operation. He was later joined by Rapping Eddie Harris, and Ted Terry.

The addition of the R&B component was a success as the community express their approval with excellent ratings.

In the early 70s State Senator Gene Howard, and Jack Beasly and M.A Eichorn purchased KORY from evangelist Oral Roberts, and Tulsa had its first R&B radio station, KKUL (K-KOOL).

Dr. Soul was chosen as the station manager, with terrific list of ICEMEN to back him up. Personalities included: Afrikahn Dayvs, Eddie Harris, Dewayne Jones, Ron Alexander, Dennis Culpepper, Greg Coffee Fields, Norvell Fat Albert Williams, and Ted Terry. 

Rahsaan “Riley” Jackson

Began his radio career at Los Angeles City College, and then attended Don Martin School of Communications in Hollywood, California. After completing almost two Rahsasnyears of study there, he obtained his FCC First Class Radio-Telephone Operators License and went on to work as a late-night on-air personality at KKUL Radio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Rahsaan was a pioneer of the Quiet Storm radio music genre, and as a result of his contribution to the genre, he garnered a significant listener base in Tulsa. After leaving KKUL, he returned to Southern California and began working at KTOT Radio in San Bernardino, California.DJ

Shortly thereafter, Rahsaan founded Communicators Workshop, an organization that specialized in helping people in the radio industry with information about job opportunities and changes and trends in the broadcast community.<!--more-->Rahsaan “Riley” Jackson is Host of The Quiet Storm Radio Show – Monday – Saturday 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM (PST). KEPX Radio features the very best in Internet entertainment with Inspirational Music, Gospel, Quiet Storm, Neo-Soul, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Reggae, Talk Shows and showcasing Unsigned/Indie Music Artist. Listen Live at:

Rahsaan “Riley” Jackson is also an Internet and network marketing consultant and owner of eMarketing Consultants Group, based in sunny Southern California. eMarketing Consultants Group has been involved in Internet marketing since 2006, during which time we have developed the expertise necessary to create meaningful solutions for our customers. We offer complete website solutions for small-and medium-sized businesses, including website design, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords management, and mobile marketing consulting.

Rahsaan have worked in the network marketing industry for over 25 years and was always fascinated with the idea of owning my own business. Until forming eMarketing Consultants Group, I was associated with eight network marketing companies, two of which are still at the very top of the industry. I thoroughly enjoy working with and mentoring people in the Internet and network marketing space.

I’ve discovered the secrets of earning an income on the Internet and enjoy sharing them with everyone I meet.

Jeremiah J. Hale

Owner of J. Hale and Associates LLC.,  a self-made business man, family man and ordained minister of the gospel. With a desire to bring cultural awareness to the urban community began as Editor in Chief of the Urban Business and Church Directory in 1993.  His vision of empowerment through vision, unity and enterprise, which will raise standards, has propelled him into mainstream focus as a person of purpose.  

Jeremiah began his career as a teenage protégé at KKUL back in 1974. After school at Tulsa Edison; Jeremiah would catch city bus out to the radio station happy to do anything around the station such as empty the trash to eventually watching announcers live on the air. <!--more-->Eventually obtaining FCC license and thus Jerry Dynamite was born; a name given by African Dave. With affinity for business and sales Hale received training while attending school at Oklahoma Christian University working in advertising and radio station KAEZ black owned radio station in OKC.  

His interest in business and sales lead to opportunities Equitable Life Insurance, Marvin Provo Agency in OKC and Kay Wilkerson publisher of the Del City News Weekly Newspaper. Presently Jeremiah operates his own insurance agency and publishes The Tulsa Urban Business and Church Pages. Jeremiah owns his insurance and under the umbrella of J. Hale and Associates LLC., not only includes the Urban Business and Church Directory which is distributed nationwide, but also incorporates J. Hale Insurance 

When doing business with Jeremiah J. Hale, Honor and Integrity is his main pursuit.


Radio Producer and  Host.  Afrikahn has been working in radio since 1971 starting out in Oklahoma on two different stations. A few years later, the greater Bay Area became his next movement on the airwaves with shows on over 6 stations including internet radio. His love of Jazz and Blues, it’s roots, inspirational musicians and especially the desire to showcase anRadio Anncr Afrikahn Dayvs array of the amazing breadth of  talent that the Bay Area has to offer lead him to produce & host the BAJABA (Bay Area Jazz And Blues Artists) radio show on independent station KKUP/KPFA. BAJABA Showcase was created by the late, great Jazz Activist Doug Edwards, (‘The Doug of Edwards’ as he was known), who passed in Sept. 2010. Afrikahn has continued on and grown the fan base of this uncompromisingly integral part of our Bay Area musical landscape while also hosting shows throughout the week.

by joey brite
Behind the Curtain Productions Internet Radio 2004
El Cerrito, CA KECG 88.1fm 2003
Berkeley, CA KPFA 94.1fm 1998
San Francisco, CA. KEST 1450am 1996
Hayward, CA  Media One Radio Entertainment Satellite Radio 1993
Oakland, CA  Media One Radio Entertainment Cable 1992 (Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and East Palo Alto)
Cupertino, CA.  KKUP 91.5fm 1991
Tulsa, OK  KKUL 103.3fm 1972
Sapulpa, OK  KXOJ 1550am  1971

Norvell Fat Albert Williams

Norvell’s eclectic taste in music ranges across the board from Jazz , R&B, Gospel, Classical, Raggae and Funk. Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma Norvell began his radio career at KKUL-FM as a morning drive-time announcer.  

He graduated from Central H.S. in 1967 and began a major in Broadcast Journalism at Langston University before moving to San Jose, CA where he immediately became involved in the Jazz scene and began interning at KKUP in Cupertino, CA. Later he became the Research and Marketing Director at KLOK Radio/Davis-Weaver Broadcasting and KDIA Radio in Oakland, CA.<!--more-->Norvell played an active part at San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA as General Manager for 89.5 Delta’s student radio station. He is active in the development of KYNJ a planned community radio station in Stockton, CA as well as a current board member.

Fat Albert

He has been an active part of community, public and commercial radio for over 25 years.  Norvell is now a resident of Austin, TX the “Live Music Capital of the World” where he does studio set-up, streaming and audio consulting for various churches in the area. He sits on the N.E.E.D (Neighborhood, Education, Economic and Development) advisory committee on establishing an internet radio station for and about the community. Norvell is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and a member of the KKUL Icemen (a group of radio announcers formerly of KKUL-FM in Tulsa, Ok). Currently he operates an internet radio station.

“Music is my therapy, my sanctuary. It’s a place where my creativity is defined.” says Norvell.

Norvell has been an active part of community, public and commercial radio for over 35 years, including marketing, general management, consulting and announcing.  Norvell, his family and radio reside just outside of Austin, Texas the “Live Music Capital of the World” and host to SXSW.  Norvell currently sits on the advisory committee for N.E.E.D (Neighborhood Education & Economic Development) and is part of the media advisory boards and audio technical support and consulting team for various churches and ministries across the city and in other parts of the United States.

“Radio is my passion, music is my therapy, helping others is my calling.” says Norvell.

Gregory (Brother Coffee) Fields

Greg Fields (Brother Coffee) may have been born with the love of music in every fibre of his being. After all, his grandfather T.J Fields encouraged a love of music and the love of God, pushing his children to perform together in vocal ensembles and on instruments. His great uncles, Clarence and Ernie would go beyond. Clarence teaching music in Tulsa public schools and leading the BTW marching band, and Ernie achieving national fame as a performing and recording artists. Music, it seemed was a Fields family affair.

I started out playing piano and moved to the alto sax. Playing with the Ike and Tina revue OV Wright and starting a group call the Natural souls.<!--more-->After studying at Owens Broadcasting School in Muskogee, I sought to share my love of music via radio and launched my broadcasting career at KBIX. It was a top 40 station, which was fine. . . for a while. Before long management complained that I played “too much soul.” That is what brought me to Tulsa and the KKUL experience. My shift, midnight to 5am and then 8pm to midnight my air personality —Brother Coffee. My signature? A mix of jazz, soul and rhythm and Blues. “I like the Isley Brothers, Bobbi Humphrey and just about all jazz in general,”  I recalled fondly. I also helped launched the “Music for Lovers” show.  He remained with KKUL through 1974 and 1975. 

My broadcasting studies would continue in Oklahoma City at the Elkins School of Broadcasting and while there I was DJ at the Bunny Club. I continued to learn more about the music industry “tagging along” with my uncle who by this time had turned his world famous orchestra over to his son Ernie Jr, and began promoting music acts and working for the local chapter of the American Federation of Musicians. “We would make sure clubs were only hiring union musicians, and that the musicians kept current with their dues. It was a good way to learn more about the business side of music.

In Nov. 1979 I began to program radio station KMMM which became the first Urban radio station in Muskogee Okla. From 1979-1981 this was the No.1 Station in Northeastern Okla.

In 1982 I became the music director with Ron Alexander as Station and program director for Tulsa next urban radio station KBLK. In 1983 I left KBLK, and went to work at KFSA and KISR radio stations in Ft.Smith, Ark. 

I now reside in my native home Muskogee with my wife Wilma and am a Evangelist and missionary to Haiti and active in ministerial circles.

Ted Terry

Is a veteran broadcaster, whose enlightened opinions, quick wit, and mellifluous voice have been a staple for more than 40 years. Terry has worked  in radio stations on both the East and TedWest Coast, lending his talents to stations  such as: KTOW, KKUL (Tulsa) WBLS (New York), KJLH (Los Angeles), KYAC (Seattle) and both KVOO and KRAV (Tulsa).  Terry also served as a News Producer at KJRH Scripts Howard Broadcasting, KOTV Televison (Camerman) Tulsa.

Throughout his successful career, Terry has interviewed world-renowned celebrities  and dignitaries, both in music and on talk radio broadcast format.<!--more-->

In addition, Terry applies his considerable gifts to yet another industry as CEO/President of Theodore Myles Publishing, Inc. a  company specializing in Internet publishing and multicultural books. He is also the  author of the "American Black History Reference Manual".

 Edwin Monroe Harris, Jr. "Rappin Eddie"