By Dr. Rosie Milligan

I remember when the Black church was the pillar of the community. The church toned the bell for community awareness. The church served many roles in the community. In fact, the church was the first public schoolhouse for many. We need the Black church to tone the bell for social and economic justice.

Black America, with all their accomplishments, have found themselves at the bottom of the economic barrel—and why? We are facing tough times and the church needs to step up their game. The real church is concerned about building strong, responsible, and accountable men and women versus the largest building in town. The real church is concerned about the whole man/woman, their family, and community. In my book, American Faces Economic Crisis: Solutions Made Simple, I spell out clearly what the church needs to do to empower its members and the community.

Here are some of the things that drain the wealth potential for too many Black Americans.
1. Poor credit scores—one will pay higher interest on all purchases. In fact, many of the homeless people have good jobs, and are displaced because of losing their homes or their landlord sold/lost the property.
2. Money paid to court for conservatorship due to not having a Power of Attorney
3. Probate and court fees when there is no trust in place upon death. You could leave this money to your loved one.
4. No life insurance or pre-burial plan—working off emotions and poor planning always end up costing more.

If a pastor is preaching fifty-two Sundays a year, and his members continue to be among the sickest and economically challenged, then just maybe one Sunday of the month, educating the members on health, financial matters, family affairs, and social concerns just might create a stronger, healthier and more financially stable community.

Let me conclude with this: Whatever the Black church is doing or not doing, the responsibility rest with each member of the church and the community-at-large who choose not to hold those who serve their community accountable.  IT’S TIME FOR THE REAL CHURCH TO STAND UP!

Dr. Rosie Milligan, Internet talk show host, business/credit consultant, estate planner, author, of “Black America Faces Economic Crisis: Solutions Made Simple” and most recent release, Dr. Rosie—HAVING HER SAY. Owner of Professional Business/Management Consulting Services Los Angeles, CA. 323-750-3592, email