By Dr. Rosie Milligan, an Elder

Middle-Class Americans will be buried alive should things not change rapidly. During the last six months, I have taken hundreds of surveys, and I discovered that most people have no clue and no plan for their future, and are only focusing on their immediate needs. Some admitted that thinking beyond today would make them depressed; they feel they have no control over what their future holds and their fate rests in the hands of our politicians. HOW SAD!

I was compelled to construct a future economic snapshot from my survey as food for thought for America and, more in particularly, Black America. Four years ago, I released my book, Black America Faces Economic Crisis: Solutions Made Simple. I wrote this book hoping Black America would reflect on their past, their present conditions and would strive to carve out a better future. The following is a future economic snapshot for Black America if radical changes in our personal lives are not made—and quickly made.

If nothing changes from your present status, such as your job income, business income, retirement income, or passive income, what will your lifestyle look like for your retirement years? Take action NOW! Cash Flow Strategies and Income Shifting Strategies can put you ON TRACK for the retirement lifestyle you deserve even without increasing your present income

As a married senior couple, both living on Social Security, if one spouse transitions, the surviving spouse now must live off one Social Security check (you cannot get your check and your spouse’s Social Security check, but you can get the one that is the larger amount), what will you do? With the increase in rent and social cuts, the average senior living alone will not be able to pay rent alone. Keep in mind; many seniors are rearing their grandchildren. Again, what will you do?

If you are a senior renting a house or apartment, the rent increases or the owner sells the property, forcing you to have to relocate, what will you do? You have been in the same location for twelve years, your rent is very low and now the places you are finding to rent is almost double what you were previously paying. With your present income, you cannot afford the going rental cost and you are unable to secure senior housing and end up on the waiting list. What do you do?

You are forced to retire before retirement age due to illness; you are not of age to receive Social Security benefits. You are eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits, you have no other income, will you be able to afford your current rent/mortgage?

You have a good paying job, however, you get sick and have to retire or the employer downsizes causing you to be without work. You are buying your home. Your new income from Disability/Unemployment is not enough to pay your mortgage/rent; you lose your home or your landlord hikes up your rent and now you must seek a new place to live. You now have a low credit score due to a decrease in your income because of your illness/lay-off. Your credit score has declined to poor status. You may not be able to secure a place to rent due to your credit scores. What do you do? REMEMBER, NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNLESS YOU CHANGE.

Dr. Rosie Milligan, Internet talk show host, business/credit consultant, estate planner, author, of “Black America Faces Economic Crisis: Solutions Made Simple” and most recent release, Dr. Rosie—HAVING HER SAY. Owner of Professional Business/Management Consulting Services Los Angeles, CA. 323-750-3592, email