Dr. RosieDr. Rosie Milligan—a woman who knows no limits. She is a Registered Nurse, Author, one of Los Angeles’s Renowned Financial Gurus, a seasoned Senior Estate Planner, Business and Credit Consultant. She also holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration. She has always been an achiever. She is sought after nationwide for her business and financial coaching services. Every career or business she’s been involved in has included helping other people accomplish what they wanted in life. Her motto, “Erase ‘NO,’ Step Over ‘CAN’T,’ and Move Forward With LIFE,” has been a motivating influence for hundreds to whom she has been mentor and role model.

Milligan is the most versatile speaker on the circuit today. She is a sought-after speaker by religious organizations of all denominations, as well as by corporate and social groups. Dr. Milligan lectures nationally on economic empowerment, managing diversity in the workplace, and male/female relationships. She has authored eighteen books. Her books: Creating A New You in Six Weeks, Starting a Business Made Simple, Getting out of Debt Made Simple, and What You Need to Know before You Get Hitched have helped many across the country.

Dr. Milligan owns the largest and fastest-growing African American female publishing house in the nation. She is an expert in the publishing industry, with thirty years of experience. Under her publishing house, Professional Publishing House LLC, she has published more than three hundred titles. Many authors she published were signed by mainstream publishers and have taken their places on numerous best-seller’s lists across the country. Using her expertise, she has set up independent publishing companies for twenty-five of her clients. Additionally, she assisted Dr. Maxine Thompson, a top literary agent in Southern California, launch her literary agency business.

A successful motivational speaker and trainer, she has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, such as the Sally Jessy Raphael Show in New York; A.M. Philadelphia; Evening Exchange in Washington, D.C., and she is a regular guest on Stevie Wonder’s KJLH Radio. She is also the host of a weekly live Internet talk show, EXPRESS YOURSELF HOUR, and she is founder and director of “Black Writers on Tour.” Contact her at: 323-750-3592; drrosie@aol.com; Drrosie.com.