Many women I know claim that all men are dogs. They say that there are a couple of generations of guys who don't know how to put down a toilet seat, can't take responsibility for any childish action and refuse to support the kids they've already got without making new ones. 

The Black collective mind has been tampered with by Europeans. The march of Black people through time for the past 500 years has been a major defeat. We have been brainwashed to believe that social achievement is not an attainable goal. Our oppressors has imbedded into our conscious that ‘A n****r ain’t s**t.

IN THE EARLY 1900'S. The memory of North Tulsa must be preserved for future generations. Pioneers who made their economic mark with the attitude for success. Entrepreneurs, Hospitals, Educators, Schools, Doctors, Lawyers, and the many Mom and Pop Business owners who's achievements will carry on into the 21st Century.