The Black collective mind has been tampered with by Europeans. The march of Black people through time for the past 500 years has been a major defeat. We have been brainwashed to believe that social achievement is not an attainable goal. Our oppressors has imbedded into our conscious that ‘A n****r ain’t s**t.

By Joe Williams III 

We hear, and use the term all the time. But how many of us realize that the Slave Owners coined the term.

Why is it that Black people, collectively, all over the world are doing bad? Even the so-called “successful” Blacks are suffering, and complaining. I don’t care how much a Black person achieves, within their family structure, tragedy and pain plagues them. We all have family members who have been murdered, or in prison, or homeless, or has been abused.

When we look inside the Black psychic, we see fear, confusion, rhetoric, and self-hatred. We see a people who look to other people to be validated. We kill each other because we can’t stand what we see. In essence, when we kill a Black person, we have killed a part of ourselves. When we hit a Black woman, we slap our own mother. When we molest our children, we deny God, and destroy our future.

Why are we so far behind the progressive march of humanity? It is determined by what our views of success and progress is in our community and this world. We have been without power for so long that our goals and objectives are superficial and meaningless.

What is our collective mind-set about success. It is a career. It is an education. It is a family. It is a house with a two car garage. It is money. It is to win the lotto and become rich. But is that the real reasons to live; is that real success. In the European world’s collective psychic, what is success. It is power. It is the harnessing of science and nature. It is the control of space. It is the control of the world’s population to improve their environment. The European’s view of success is to slant history to suit their future. They know how they want the world to look in 2100. So, they spend time researching, documenting, planning and building.

My point is that we can do the same things. But our goals and aspirations most change. If we truly strive to control our destiny, then we must become builders, critical thinkers. And the hardest part, we must develop a collective will, a collective mindset.

We must know and believe, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we are faithful to our destiny. We must decide to walk the painful road of liberation, or continue on this path of freedom as an illusion.