North Tulsa is about a people that stood up to uncertain odds during a troubling time in America. Involuntary segregation spawned a collective force that was heard around the world.  North Tulsa's dynasty Black Wall Street was an accomplishment of businessmen and women that has never been duplicated.

The North Tulsa communities of Greenwood and Lansing are where Black Wall Street began, now North Tulsa extends from I-244 to the south, Tisdale Express West, Gilcrease North, to I-75 Freeway East.

Through this Web Portal Interface, committed business and civic minded individuals, as well as corporate partners can convene to discuss strategies in support of the monumental feat of rebuilding what was and what will be.  

We welcome you to join us by lending your expertise, your ideas and hands-on commitment to a new vision for this century.

Special thanks to Coleman Comprehensive Solutions for being an active participant to help forge a better day for North Tulsa by North Tulsans.

~We Are You